LeetCode - Reverse Linked List


算法1 插入法

Runtime: 4 ms, faster than 89.98% of C online submissions for Reverse Linked List.

类比于插入排序,两个指针 first 和 last 分别指向已经逆序好的开头和结尾,即 first->x->x->last->NULL

  1. 开始时,first和last都指向head。
  2. 然后从 head->next 开始,遍历链表,将每个节点 p 插入到(first,last)的开头,即p->fist->x->x->NULL


struct ListNode* reverseList(struct ListNode* head){
    if (head->next == NULL) return head;

    struct ListNode* first = head; // (first, last) 是已经逆序的部分,first->xx->last
    struct ListNode* last = head;

    // 遍历链表,往前插入
    struct ListNode* p = head->next;
    last->next = NULL;

    while(p != NULL) {
        // first->xxx->head, 插入p,变为 p->first->xx->head

        struct ListNode* pNext = p->next; // 先记录p->next
        p->next = first;
        first = p;

        p = pNext;

    return first;

C solution fast than 89.98%, Similar to Insert Sort algorithm

算法2 新增一个头节点pre,不断将数据插入pre后面

C++ Iterative and Recursive

(1) 新增节点pre, pre->next 指向 head, 即 (pre->head)
(2) cur 指向 head,不断的把 cur->next 插入到 pre 和 head 之间. ( cur 位置不变,始终是指向head的。但是随着插入的进行,cur->next 不断往后了)

比如原List是 1->2->3->4->NULL,那么新增一个pre,变成pre->1->2->3->4->NULL,cur始终指向head,即 1,但是随着插入的进行,cur->next 依次变成了2,3,4

struct ListNode* reverseList(struct ListNode* head) {
    struct ListNode *pre = malloc(sizeof(struct ListNode));
    struct ListNode *cur = head;
    pre -> next = head;
    while (cur && cur -> next) {
        struct ListNode* temp = pre -> next;
        pre -> next = cur -> next;
        cur -> next = cur -> next -> next;
        pre -> next -> next = temp;
    return pre -> next;

算法4 插入法更精简写法



思路和算法1一样,相当于 prev 就是first,head就是last。只是更精简而已。
(prev, head) 是已经逆序的,然后不断head往后走,然后把head->next插入到开头。

struct ListNode* reverseList(struct ListNode* head) {
    if (head == NULL || head->next == NULL) return head;

    struct ListNode* prev = NULL;
    while (head != NULL) {
        struct ListNode* temp = head;
        head = head->next;
        temp->next = prev;
        prev = temp;
    return prev;

算法5 递归

struct ListNode* reverseList(struct ListNode* head) {
    if (head == NULL || head->next == NULL) return head;
    struct ListNode* node = reverseList(head->next);
    if (head->next->next == NULL) printf("NULL\n");
    head->next->next = head; // head->next 就是 node所逆序链表的最后一个元素
    head->next = NULL;
    return node;

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